Penzion Šejby

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Tips for trips

There are plenty of historical monuments and natural beuaties too. The interesting tourist destinations are:

  • Nové hrady - a medieval castle, blacksmith's shop, palace, burial chamber of Buquoys dynasty, monastery, The Church of Saint Peter and Paul, Baroque pharmacy, town hall
  • Terčino údolí(nature park)- nature trail, an artificial waterfall, Gothic fortress Cuknštejn, Blue House (formerly summer residence, today ruin), Václavovy lázně (formerly spa), Swiss House (preserved mill)
  • Červené blato - nature trail, Jiříkovo údolí
  • Žumberk fortress - originally Gothic fortress rebuilt into small Renaissance palace
  • Dobrá Voda (place of pilgrimage) - the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary near the spring of the „miracle“ water
  • observation tower on „Kraví hora“
  • Hojná Voda (forest)
  • Žofínský prales (forest)

You can also find many cykle routes in Novohrad mountains e.g.:

  • Historical-Nature trail Paměti Novohradska
  • Instructional trail Paměti Vitorazska
  • Novéhradské hory - North
  • Via Verde

There is also a public swimming pool in the vicinity.