Penzion Šejby

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Penzion Šejby provides accommodation in 8 rooms with private facilities-5 double rooms, one triple room and two 4-bed rooms. Rooms are situated on the first floor and they are equipped so you should not make concessions on your high demands on comfort. Rooms are perfect for relax even after challenging trips or all-day training.



Photos not only from our guesthouse, but also from its near and distant neighborhood, where you can go on a trip.


Common room

Downstairs is placed common room with bar, fireplace and TV. After common room continues a roofed terrace with enjoyable seating.


Penzion Šejby

- accomodation in a heart of the Novohrad mountains for lovers of nature and woods.

I will tell you a secret: in the Novohrad mountains is the Europe’s longest protected area. Age-old, mysterious, protecting all good...“

That is how one czech famous commercial begins. It could also be beginning of your unforgettable vacation in the middle of virgin nature. Our pension is placed in the border village Šejby with only few buildings.

This far you can go with car or bus but further you have to walk or ride a bike. You can get to Austria from there, border crossing Horní Stropnice-Šejby/Haarbach is just 1,5 km distanced.

Village Šejby is on the beginning of path, called „Signálka“, which was previously used by border guard to patrol around czech border. Surrounding woods were part of the restricted border zone and that is why surrounding nature is in so good condition. In this place you are in the middle of deep woods, far from city's rush.

We accept reservations at


tel: +420 732 648 479

We look forward to you.